Keeping your pool covered protects not only your pool, but also your family, neighborhood children, and pets. Because your Omni Pool is custom-made for your use, it’s important that your pool cover also be made to fit your specific pool. An ill-fitting pool cover can be more dangerous than having no pool cover at all, since children and pets could get caught underneath. Protect the ones you love, as well as your pool, with a custom-built pool cover by Omni Pools.

Different Types of Pool Covers for Your Custom Swimming Pool

We offer several different types of pool covers for your inground swimming pool:

  • Solid Safety Covers

    Our solid safety pool covers come in several colors and in either heavy or light vinyl. These covers keep out all debris and all sunlight when they’re in use, providing your pool with the maximum protection available. Your liner won’t be exposed to sunlight when no one is using the pool, and you will have less to vacuum in terms of insects and leaves.

  • Mesh Safety Covers

    Our mesh safety covers also come in a variety of styles and colors. They will keep out most debris and almost all sunlight. Because they are mesh, they also allow for drainage when the water level is higher due to rain. They come with warranties up to 25 years depending on the type chosen.

  • Automatic Safety Covers

    If you don’t want to deal with the chore of putting the pool cover on and off, we have a solution: Our automatic safety covers allow you to cover and uncover your pool with the push of a button. They are strong enough that a child or pet can actually walk on the cover without falling through, and they’re custom-sized for each pool.

All of our covers come with the heavy-duty hardware needed for the type and style chosen.

Whether you are having a new swimming pool put in or you are ready to cover your existing pool, please call Omni Pools today to schedule a cost-free, risk-free consultation. We’ll show you the different types of covers we have available and we can answer your questions while at your home. This consultation is free, so call now!