Choose the Best Type of Pool Fencing for You | Swimming Pools Columbus

If you have an inground swimming pool, it’s essential that you have it fenced for safety. A fence keeps out not only your own young children when you’re not present, but also neighborhood children, pets, and wildlife. At Omni Pools, we can build and install pool fencing of various types around your pool. Because all of our pools are custom-designed, your pool fence will be, too.

When you have a swimming pool in Columbus, Ohio, you need to have a fence built around it.

There are three main types of pool fences, each with its own set of advantages and benefits.

  • Aluminum Fences

    One of the most common types of pool fencing used is made from aluminum. It’s relatively unobtrusive because you can see through it, and it usually comes in black, dark green or another dark shade. The main advantages are that they are very durable and low-maintenance. If you are looking for privacy, however, this is not the best type for you, since anyone passing by will be able to see through the fence.

  • PVC Privacy Fences

    One common type of privacy fence is the white PVC privacy fence. These require little maintenance and can be built in a variety of heights; some come with decorative top borders, too. They are solid, so no one can see through them. They are, of course, very conspicuous, so if you were looking for something subtle, a white PVC pool fence is probably not it.

  • Wood Privacy Fence

    Wood privacy fences are attractive and, if left unstained, will develop a gray patina over time, which many homeowners find appealing. They are totally customizable, and they come in a variety of heights. In addition, wood privacy fences are the most economical option. This type of fence does require some maintenance, and it can warp over time as it’s exposed to the elements.

No matter what type of pool fence you are looking for, Omni Pools is your one-stop resource for everything pertaining to your new pool. Please give us a call today to discuss our fencing products and to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation appointment.